About Kat

Greetings! My name is Kristina “Kat” Carpenter, and welcome to Pens and Dragons!

Although I’m born and raised in the frigid tundra of Minnesota, a great many of my hours have been spent flying with dragons over oceans and mountains. I first fell in love with dragons at an early age when I saw an older cousin’s collection of dragon pictures that took my breath away.  The beautiful, powerful, majestic creatures captivated my imagination, and I began to wonder just what it would be like to know – or, better yet, to be – a dragon.

Dragons were only the beginning, of course.  War, spies, and intrigue in medieval lands of fantastic worlds came next, influenced in turn by a love of mythology, Egypt, and Rome – thankfully, not all in the same story.  My writing is dominated by two “worlds”, one of which is influenced by the cities of ancient Egypt and the myths of Rome and Greece, and the other, with dragons.

I am a graduate of Hamline University, where I earned an MFA in Creative Writing.  I have published short stories in Inkwell, Chaotic Merge, Halfway Down the Stairs, and rock, paper, scissors and poetry in Bloom and (soon) Share Journal.

In the meantime, when I’m not writing – which I usually am – or at work – which I’m doing too often – I play the piano, read science fiction and fantasy, and watch Lord of the Rings.

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