6 thoughts on “Design Your Dragon”

  1. Ok, I think I’d like to order a one-horned dragon (like a unicorn!)(and, yes, I know I’m already breaking the rules ;)), Regular wings on a regular house-sized western dragon–too serpentine and I’d be constantly thinking it was a snake. Then purple and glittery to top it off. Also, I’d like it to sing.


    1. A singing dragon would be neat! Thus far, I’ve only read one book (that I can think of) with a dragon that sings, and that’s Stolen Magic (the sequel to A Tale of Two Castles) by Gail Carson Levine. I’m usually a Western-style-dragon sort of gal too, but here’s mine: 2 horns, traditional wings with iridescent, metallic scales; Eastern shape and small enough to cuddle.


      1. Nice! I thought about a cuddle-sized dragon, but I already have a (fuzzy) cat to cuddle–I could really use transportation more. Though, come to think of it, feeding a large dragon might cost more than filling up a car 🙂

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    2. My dragon would be western style with wings, big enough so I can ride it. She would be vivid blue, like the crayon color cerulean. She would also be a vegetarian.


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