Book Review: Lightning’s Daughter by Mary Herbert (TSR Books – 1991)

This book follows the events of Dark Horse by perhaps a matter of days.

Gabria has been left in a rather awkward position after the Khulinin clan’s discovery of her powers. Her engagement to their chief and the battle with Medb, however, do soften the clan somewhat to her situation. Soon, however, her scandal is forgotten as a creature of the Underworld escapes into their lands. She and Athlone set off across the plains to stop it before it grows powerful enough to subjugate not just the clans but their neighbors as well.

The book starts off at a very good pace and continues to develop Gabria’s understanding of the power she only recently learned she had. The stakes are high, and the book doesn’t struggle to try to outdo its predecessor.

The weakest element of the book is character development. Much of the trust that Gabria and Athlone built between themselves in the first book evaporates, and they regress to an earlier state of their relationship for a good chunk of the book. I would have liked to see Gabria own up to her mistakes a bit better than she does and to see Athlone making more understandable decisions.

Thankfully, these issues of development last for only a brief period within the middle of the book. It’s still a solid story with fun characters and an exciting world, but it doesn’t quite live up to the standard set by Dark Horse.

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