Pushcart Nomination!

I got an email today from the team at Chaotic Merge, the literary journal that published “The Little Known Story of George Washington, Godzilla, the Yeti, Purple Polka-Dotted Aliens, and the Quest for the Perfect Burrito.” They’re nominating the story for Pushcart!

Just in case you don’t know (if you do, skip this paragraph), Pushcart Press does an edition every year that highlights stories and poems from small presses. Lit mags get the opportunity to nominate up to 6 pieces they’ve published in the current year. Pushcart will then choose some for publication in their annual magazine.

Of course, this is just a nomination, but honestly, it’s so hard to get published and even harder to get nominated, so I’m pretty excited (hence these long, comma-filled sentences). I’ll find out sometime before December 2022 whether or not I make the final cut.

Whether or not I make it, this has been one awesome experience.

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