Book Review: Dragon Spear by Jessica Day George (Bloomsbury – 2009)

The dragons might have found land to call their own and a tenuous legitimacy among their neighboring human nations, but their troubles aren’t quite over. After the betrayal of an ally, the lost followers of a failed usurper for the queenship are revealed. Creel and Luka must rescue Queen Velika before any harm can come to her or the eggs she soon must lay. The last roadblock to Shardas’ and Velika’s sovereignty comes to a head as dragons face each other and their own uncertain history.

Right off the bat, I have to say that this book is an epic conclusion to a series I expected to be only mildly entertaining as it is a bit below my reading level. However, despite the lack of so much of the fluffery of adult fiction, the sentences are complex, and the description and character development are phenomenal.

I have to take a moment here to talk about description (as promised in the Dragon Slippers review). When the protagonists find the ancient dragon temple, intricately carved with historical paintings across every wall, the language of the descriptions was beautiful. You’ll have to read it for yourselves. I’ve read adult fantasy that could have learned a thing or two from this scene alone. Although George stopped to describe the new and vibrant setting, the scene itself never stopped moving. Using character movement and their dawning understanding, she keeps the description from bogging down the scene. Instead, it brings it to life.

Even if you’re a die-hard opponent of YA lit, I highly recommend giving this series a chance. From a dragon perspective, it’s unique and unusual. From a writing standpoint, it shows how complex and intricate YA lit can (and should) actually be.

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