How Much is Too Much? – Romance

Now, to be clear, I’m not talking about too many romances in a book—though it does happen. I’m talking about when the main character just seems to be the general object of interest by everyone. I’ll name call a book here.

In Sarah Maas’ Throne of Glass books, every man who meets Aelin falls in love with her. Although I didn’t read the books, my sister did. I liked, and still do like, the premise of the series. The first book seemed really entertaining. However, at a certain point my sister told me that it seemed like Aelin was just a tad too attractive to be realistic. Even the prettiest ladies in real life don’t usually leave that many disappointed men in their wake.

That’s just one example.

It makes me think of what one teacher called “wish fulfillment” writing. Wouldn’t we all love to be that beautiful, that talented, that charismatic, so that people would love us so easily? Not everyone wants someone to be in love with them, but perhaps instead to pay attention to them or be friends with them.

Regardless, when a character is so perfect or lovely that everyone fawns over him or (worse) falls in love with him, it’s little much for my cynical mind. Keep it simple, stupid, as a beloved professor once teased us. We’ll believe you that a character is attractive if two girls fall in love with him—we don’t need three or four.

As always, if you’ve got a suggestion, please contact me or comment below!

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