The Lit Mag Has Arrived!!!

I just got my copy of the 2nd issue of Chaotic Merge! “The Little-Story of George Washington, Godzilla, the Yeti, Purple Polka-Dotted Aliens, and the Quest for the Perfect Burrito” is on page 97!! I am so excited to see this story in print–so excited that I had to add that picture of me with the story.

Somebody somewhere made some rule about the number of times you can use an exclamation point in a blog post (2). I learned that in a grad school class, and I have now completely and unequivocally broken that rule (assuming that I haven’t in other posts). So now I have two things to celebrate!

And in another shameless attempt at self-advertising…If you haven’t gotten a copy, I hope you do. The design team did a fantastic job (I mean, just look at those tiny burritos. They’re adorable!). The whole team at Chaotic Merge really worked hard to make sure everybody’s work would shine. I spent a lot of time (too much) wondering how this would look, and it’s even better than I imagined.

There are a lot of good pieces in here. In particular, I really enjoyed the very first story: “Walkers in the Burning Mountains” by Jeffrey Gibbs. If you like stories with dystopian vibes, check it out! (I’m not even that big into dystopia, as many can attest to, and I loved it!) If you’d like to get a copy, follow this link:

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