Publication!! And an Update

The couple years of grad school took their toll and their time, but now I’m done and I’m back (for real). I’ve done some updates to the site, and we’ll be able to have some more draconic fun. I’ll be starting with a few updates. It looks like I must have somehow deleted my last post. To make a long story short, I had a piece of flash published in my school’s in-house journal.

I will still be doing some book reviews coming up, and blog posts and etc. Etc. because you just never know what’s going to happen!

In the weeks since graduation, I’ve published three poems in Bloom Literary Magazine, and I have one short story upcoming in Chaotic Merge. “The Little Known Story of George Washington, Godzilla, the Yeti, Purple Polka-Dotted Aliens, and the Quest for Perfect Burrito” will be published in Issue 2 of Chaotic Merge at the end of the month.

Stay tuned, and I’ll have a link and some information about Bloom.

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