A Summer of Edits

Wow, this summer went fast.

Does anybody else ever get on an editing kick?  I mean, to the point where they forget to write (and, in my case, blog)?  I definitely wrote this summer, but if you were to compare it to how much I was editing/revising, it’s nothing.

I love writing, but there’s something about editing something you’ve finished that’s sort of addictive.  This is my chance to go and take something I’ve accomplished and make it something I’m actually satisfied with (Spoiler alert: I’m almost never satisfied, but I do get moderately pleased with it).

I think, for me, the real allure of editing is that I already have the story, the characters, and the setting; then, in editing I have a chance to take it all and change it a bit.  What would happen if…(fill in the blank)?  Sometimes, editing gives me a chance to take the story in a new direction that opens up new possibilities.  A recent example is that, when editing, I realized I could combine two books together to heighten the action, tension, and stakes of the story and eliminate some extra back-and-forth-ing* between locations that bogged things down.  It helped that my sister (who also serves as an editor for me) really pushed this, but it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t sat down to edit.  I’m nowhere near finished with this particular edit, but I’ve got my whole plan mapped out for the rest of it, so it’s getting there.

Even when editing isn’t bringing forth anything that drastic, there’s still a bit of a thrill knowing that I’m going to take a story to the next level, if only with grammar fixes and plot tightening.

Maybe I’m weird, but I’d still wager I’m not the only one out there.

That said, I really have to learn to strike a balance between writing and editing.



*Sometimes I create my own words.  It happens.

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