“Play” on Words

It was made known to me today by my good friend and fellow writer Gabrielle Emmons that a short play I had written in my last semester with a couple other ladies has been published on the website of my alma mater’s literary magazine, Inkwell.

It’s pretty cool to see the play, short as it is, out on the internet, and seeing those pictures of myself, my friend Abigail, and my sister Sarah working on the play definitely made me miss the days of meeting with the Ladies of Letters!  (For anyone who might not know/remember the Ladies, see Writer’s Block Block.  Still Lost in Translation? –well, that second link won’t help you out much.)

Okay, while I laugh at my own jokes–someone has to, you know!–here’s the link to “Lloyd the Deplorable.”  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on ““Play” on Words”

  1. I miss our Ladies of Letters meetings as well. We must figure out how we can do our meetings. Perhaps we can somehow do it virtually or meet in Mankato during the summer.


    1. It wouldn’t probably be all that hard to do a group Skype (although I’d have to figure out how to make Skype actually work on my laptop). It would be great to be able to catch up on what everybody’s up to!

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