Red Dragon

It’s been awhile.  Homework usually does that, but, graduation is in a couple of weeks, so then I’ll have no excuse, right?

I participated in my college’s 21 Day Writing Challenge (writing 400 words a day for–you guessed it–21 days).  Here’s something that developed as a result…

Snow covered the countryside, where a little village—a mere gathering of half a dozen cottages—was blanketed in snow.  Men were off for firewood, and the rest of the village was silent and still, except for at one cottage at the edge of the cluster.

A dragon stood at the door to the small cottage, just feet from the bottommost step.  Its long, sharp teeth were bared, glistening like ivory when the afternoon sun glinted off them.  Its forelegs were raised, claws as long as the foot itself extended out toward the woman who stood in the doorway.  It heaved, its breath coming out in hot steam that melted the snow in front of it.

Red scales stood out from the glistening white snow as if the dragon were a ruby.  A host of colors rippled through the thin plates prismatically.  With each movement, the colors rippled and then shifted back to the ruby red.  Its long tail twitched, sending a cascade of color down to the tip of its tail, and it took a step toward the woman, a low growl escaping its mouth.

The woman started only a little, looking at the dragon in a mixture of confusion and amusement.  She leaned against the doorpost and watched it thoughtfully as it grunted and snorted.  Woman and dragon regarded each other for some time in near-silence, while off in the distance, men chopped wood for the fires of the small cluster of cottages, seemingly unaware of the exchange.  Smoothing her skirts, the woman finally started to step back into the cottage, grasping the handle of the door and beginning to pull it closed.

There was a flurry of movement outside, as the dragon beat its fragile, half-transparent wings, throwing up snow at the door.  It started forward, and the woman laughed, opening the door all the way.

The dragon folded its wings against its back, regarded her for a moment, and then raked its claws furiously through the snow.  Finally, it reeled its head back on its long neck and emitted a fireball as big as the dragon was long.  There was a poof in the frigid air and then nothing, and the dragon, thoroughly exhausted, collapsed onto the ground.

Chuckling, the woman stepped out and picked up the tiny dragon in her hands.  She carried it inside and laid it down next to the fire.  It sniffed, pouting, before falling asleep on the floor.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!

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