In Which I Dabble

I’ve been working on poetry–long form poetry.  This poem, the “Song of Aventha,” takes place in Tarthonére in the year 2304 of the Second Age.  This is approximately thirty years before my Senior Project (see A Story Begins, The Damsel De-Stresses, and Hello, Again!).  Some of these events are referred to in the excerpts I shared with you earlier this year.

At this time, a southern kingdom with empire-sized aspirations sought to expand north.  One of the dragons took it upon herself to defend the humans of Athor, which was an unprecedented course of action.  Until this time, the relationship between the Athorans and the Illianín had been tenuous.

This poem is unusual for me, since I most often employ rhyme.  This time, I’m focusing on rhythm instead. I’m curious what people think about rhyming and unrhyming poetry. A lot of people feel strongly one way or the other. If you’re someone who likes rhyme, does rhythm make up for a lack of rhyme or do you still feel its absence? Anybody dislike both rhyme and rhythm?

I’d be so interested to hear someone’s definition of what makes poetry poetry.

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