What is “decachimors,” you ask?  Is it a word?  No…well, yes, actually.  Or it is now.  The Ladies are responsible for this one.  Take one late night, add three college girls and a pinch of exhaustion, and you get made-up words.

There is no word—at least that we could find—for “death by laughter,” which, considering all the strange terms derived from ancient, dead languages, seems kind of strange.  Therefore, it was decided that we had to create our own, using the Latin words for “laughter” and “death.” Here is our definition, provided by the Lady Ida, herself:

Decachimors, n., the exit of the soul from the body which results from one of the many conditions caused by excessive laughter

As I’m sure you can imagine, we laughed excessively after that.  This is one of many reasons why college students shouldn’t stay up too late.  On the other hand, maybe it’s a reason we should more often.

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