Into the Shadows

Lately, I’ve started working on a book that will focus on the villain as a sort of ‘protagonist,’ in that the whole story will be from her perspective.  This is set in the same world (though many, many years later) as “The Invasion of Il-Faaren.”

In this story, Rani, a human witch, serves as the main character.  Right now, I’m planning on following her from childhood to adulthood.  As time goes on, Rani begins to question the ethics of her kingdom and sets out to take a stand of her own, while the antagonists (who are actually the good guys) struggle to stop her before she goes too far.

The novel’s preliminary title is Into the Shadows.

3 thoughts on “Into the Shadows”

  1. Ooh! This is SO exciting! I love the title! I need to get back to writing. In addition to tweaking a few forensic science stuff in Chapter 14, I am thinking of including Helena’s POV in the beginning of this chapter.


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