Defining ‘Dragon Lady’: Not What I’d Have Thought

So, some days I just peruse Wikipedia and Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.  This might be weird; I’m not sure—I’ve never asked anyone.  So, anyway, today I ended up with the term “dragon lady,” which, seeing as it A) includes the word “dragon” and B) serves as my username for this blog, seemed like an interesting thing to look at.

I didn’t know it had so many definitions.

When I first thought of “dragon lady” two things came to mind.  One of them is the stereotypical domineering, cranky lady.  The other is that “dragon lady” was the term my mother used when she would tell me about a couple of crabby older ladies at one of her early jobs.

Maybe I live under a rock (which is quite probable), but I had no idea that, according to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, a dragon lady is also 1) a woman who is often angry or cruel especially when people do not do what she wants or 2) a glamorous, often mysterious, woman.

Who knew?


I have to say, this is at once more and less flattering than I had thought.  Of course, I was just using it as a pun (I like to think that I’m usually in a pretty good mood), but it’s kind of fun to see all the things that words can mean.

I probably have too much time on my hands.  My profs would probably say I’m misusing my time!  But I’m learning, right?

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