I learned something today (strange, I know).  I had a meeting with a Prof. about my senior capstone presentation, and, honestly, it sounds a lot like the ‘pitching’ I’ll be doing at the conference (other than the fact that you’re not trying to sell your idea).

Really, though.  In a pitch, you have to excite the interest of your audience.  You also have to, without having them read the story, give them a pretty good understanding of how it goes.  Same principle for the senior presentation, except WAY mM&More people (in comparison to one in a pitch, the maybe eight people I’ll get for my presentation is a lot).  This really helps to put things into perspective…but it also makes my senior presentation sound a whole lot worse…

Anyway, I had no idea how much material a person needs to go into a pitch.  A single-page, single-spaced synopsis (wow, with this much formatting, you’d think it was for school!), notes (although some people frown on that), and—this is my addition—a lot of M&Ms…

Mom, if you’re wondering later what happened to that big bag of M&Ms…Yeah, that’ll be me.

2 thoughts on “…Go!”

  1. Yes, I’d say chocolate does solve the world’s greatest problems. But I’m not sure if it will help me with my fear of presenting. Love this post!


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