Get Set…

Thus continues the ongoing log of a woman slowly going insane.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m still very excited about the conference.  But the “not calm” thing I mentioned a few days ago—yeah, that’s setting in.  I’ve been practicing (and preparing and getting ready to be professional, etc., etc.) and I’ve developed my “pitch”.  Here it is:

Exodus is the story of two sixteen-year-old girls exiled from their village, who find themselves alone in the jungle and on a journey to a land they have only heard of in tales.

Aona, cursed by the sun-goddess, is the dreamer, and Tarphaena, who had been in love with the chief’s son, is the realist.  Together, using their strengths—and weaknesses—they must survive cannibals, demons, and warring tribes to find the legendary desert kingdom of Ator, where a king will try to use them in his conflict with the gods and a god will try to use them to fulfill his prophecy.

The second part is subject to change every time, whereas I’m supposed to memorize the “log line” (first part).  If you have any suggestions, please do comment below. (A slightly-crazy, dragon-loving lady would greatly appreciate it.)

5 thoughts on “Get Set…”

  1. I love your log! I am very intrigued by it! My only suggestion is maybe naming the two sixteen year old girls in your log. Good luck at the conference! PS. I think I am going insane too! I am frustrated with the paper for you know what class and my own story.


  2. You’re welcome! No problem. Glad I could help. Ok. I am glad you are loving it. But, (you’ll probably hate me for what I am about to say), since sending it to you, I have decided to rewrite Jamie’s POV which I am still in the process of doing. It is proving to be a bit difficult.


  3. Hmm….I will hold off rewriting his POV until I receive your comments and feedback. I do know I have two questions for you once you are finished reading it.


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