The Ladies Weigh In

And today (yes, we’re still discussing dragons and their damsel-kidnapping habits), I’ve got a special treat.  The Ladies of Letters have contributed a few theories of their own.  Enjoy!

Coming first from The Redhead Hunter: “Forget Joan of Arc.  Women are weak.”

Theory #3:

This is a historical theory about the origin of the damsel-stealing stories.  The women, she says, went down to the river to bathe and were eaten by crocodiles, giving rise to the theory of dragons stealing away women.

Lady Grey, with a temporary abstention (she tried valiantly to get away without a contribution) and Theory #4:

Women taste better.   [Kat’s Commentary:  How does she know this!?]

Theory #5:

If I understand Lady Grey right, this is a conspiracy theory by men in order to rid the world of women.  They made a contract with the dragons so that the dragons would carry off the women.

Now, the many contributions of Lady Ida, who also pointed out to me the story of The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch, which I refute by saying that such stories were few and far between until recent years.  Overall, there are more stories about women taken by dragons.

Theory #6:

Women are more docile and prettier, while men are more likely to bite back.

Theory #7:

The women could sing the dragons to sleep.

Theory: #8:

Women are smarter than men.  The dragons prefer to capture smarter people.    [Kat wonders: Is this like “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell?  They need a more challenging prey?]

Theory #9:

The men were all off fighting in the Crusades.  Women were the dragons’ only option.


Many thanks to the Ladies.  More theories coming soon…

5 thoughts on “The Ladies Weigh In”

  1. I am looking forward to our Ladies of Letters meeting on Tuesday. Oh and I have started writing Chapter at least my heroine’s POV. Still need to figure out how to write my hero’s scene. I know how it ends though. So I just need to work backwards from there.


    1. I look forward to the meeting, too! Glad to hear about your chapter! Sometimes it’s nice to have your cart before the horse, isn’t it?
      I (continue to) eagerly await the next installment!


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