More Dragons, More Damsels, More Distress

Going along with my previous post, I’ve got another theory today about why dragons tend to take female captives, rather than men.  So, here goes.mirage_dragon_by_gewalgon-d5212hr

Theory #2:

When a dragon demands a sacrifice, why give it the people who are needed for protection?  In medieval times, women didn’t fight (yes, yes, Joan of Arc, but there are a few exceptions to every rule).  Men could work in the fields, they made the money, and they protected the home and town from attack.  So, of course, women would be the first to go.

Even if the men didn’t give up the women as sacrifices, the point still stands that women, without knowing how to defend themselves, would be easier targets than men.  Predators usually pick off the weakest ones first, and I imagine dragons, at least some of them, wouldn’t be too much different.

All that aside, women scream more than men.  It makes it more dramatic.

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